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Opening the Heart, Breaking Down the Walls of Protection

20th July 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 17th August 2019 @ 3:00 pm


This is an Online course run by Julianne Eanniello and Matt Nettleton. This course is for everyone, whether you believe have had an “awakening” or not. Every person no matter where they are along the journey can benefit from embodying an open heart. The intimacy we experience when our hearts are open is something we all long for, that feeling of connectedness and belonging where we no longer feel like a stranger, isolated from life and everyone else. Join us in this online course to begin to look at what is keeping our hearts closed, we will be discussing many topics including, Awakening to presence, Post awakening, Embodiment, Working through the walls around the heart and more.

There is a lot of misconception about awakening that we will cross some finish line, awaken to our true nature and live in bliss. But the truth is that after awakening life and all its trials and tribulations continue, things can often get worse before they get better. There are just as many traps that one can fall into after having an awakening into emptiness.

In this course we will talk about awakening to presence as a realisation that happens Now, specific traps that we can fall into after awakening, the places we can get stuck in along the journey, beliefs and traumas that survive the initial awakening, inquiring into and deconstructing those and ever deepening our embodiment of our realisation.

Using Scott Kiloby’s Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness and Living Inquiries methods, we can begin to see what beliefs and trauma’s are keeping our hearts closed. We can begin to inquire into the walls we have around being totally vulnerable and open and slowly deconstructing them, and realigning the deeper dimensions of our being with what we have realised.

Topics we’ll cover are:

● Awakening to presence
● What happens after?
● Getting stuck in emptiness/safety of it
● Different cul de sacs
● Awakening the spiritual heart, what do we all long for.
● Being “Presence/emptiness” compared to being deeply/intimately present.
● Healing the walls around the heart
● Learning to embody realisation in the heart centre.
● Protecting ourselves from being vulnerable/walls and trauma’s
● Devotional presence
● Rigorous self honesty
● Coming back into the world after awakening.
● Awakening and self centredness (When it stops being about “what can I get from this”)
● Using Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness and Living Inquiries to break down our walls

There will be three group calls:
1. July 20 – 1:00 pm Pacific time (9 pm UK time)/July 21 – 6:00 am Melbourne time
2. August 3 – 1:00 pm Pacific time(9 pm UK time) /August 4 – 6 am Melbourne time
3. August 17 – 1:00 pm Pacific time(9 pm UK time) /August 18 – 6 am Melbourne time

Calls will run 1.5 – 2 hours
Each participant will also receive six individual sessions by Skype or Zoom – 2 with Matt, 2 with Julianne and 2 with support facilitators.

Cost $600 USD

About Us:

Matt Nettleton is a NRAM (Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness) Facilitator, Holistic AOD Counsellor and Certified Trauma Specialist in The Richards Trauma Process. Matt spent most of his life addicted to various substances as a result of his trauma. After 17 attempts at rehab, time in prisons, he reached a point in his life where death seemed near. He decided to give one last thing a try which was a holistic and alternative approach to his PTSD. As large amounts of these patterns from the past started to fall away he spontaneously asked the question “well if these can fall away, they can’t be who I am, so then who am I really?
At that moment he glimpsed the awakened state, with no prior understanding to what he had experienced. The years following, he was being dragged out of the presence by various patterns, belief systems, pains and core stories that remained held in the body. He then discovered the work of Scott Kiloby, and he realised that these patterns that were still held in the body were what where preventing him from embodying his realisation. Before meeting Scott and Julianne he was stuck in a kind of void. The “Head awakened state”. He realised he had been again keeping himself safe from the world by hiding out in this empty presence, the core issue was no different to using drugs to escape life. After several events in his life including the birth of his son he intuited that this “awakened state” could not be the end of the road. After various experiences of what it was like to embody awakening in the heart space, and actually reinclude life he started to and continues to use Scott’s work to break down the walls to the heart. Matt has fallen down many of the holes and traps that can occur after awakening, he knows the territory through experience and is still actively working on descending the emptiness down into the heart space. For Matt seeking has ended, but his exploration continues, with a passion to help others to see that the journey of awakening and embodiment is a never ending journey.

“Seeking has an end point, but exploration is endless”
– Matt Nettleton

Julianne Eanniello is a Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer, and Natural Rest Advanced Mindfulness Facilitator and Trainer. She is also co-founder and Clinical Director of The Kiloby Center for Recovery in CA. Julianne met Scott Kiloby at a time when her life seemed to be falling apart. She was struck with an illness that left her unable to work, and barely able to function. When she lost her health, she also lost her job, and eventually her home. For her whole life, she had been longing for happiness and fulfillment, but mostly for truth. Since early childhood, she felt like she didn’t belong, and wondered who she really is and why is she here. Her sincere desire that nothing less than the truth could ever make her happy, brought her to non-dual teachings, and eventually to Scott. Through working with him and doing the inquiries, her deficiency stories of never being good enough, and her victim stories around her health began falling away. She saw that her search for enlightenment ultimately was a search to escape her physical and emotional pain. She thought if she were enlightened, she would never have to experience pain again. That search fell away when she used the Unfindable Inquiry to look for ‘enlightenment.’ It couldn’t be found as a tangible object. But the story wasn’t over. Years of conditioning, trauma and negative self-beliefs were still running, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. As she continued using the inquiries, she saw that it was possible to be present and embodied, and allow all of her internal experiences. She saw there could be pain without suffering, and love and joy without attachment. She has dedicated her life to working with others on all types of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, addiction, compulsion and general unhappiness with ourselves and our lives. She does this through working with clients at the Kiloby Center, through training people in these methods, and through private practice. She also continues her own daily practice of inquiry. You can find more information at www.InquireWithJulianne.com.


20th July 2019 @ 1:00 pm
17th August 2019 @ 3:00 pm


Julianne Eanniello