You love the nondual teaching, and maybe you’ve had a taste of awakening to your true nature. Yet you still get caught in sticky patterns. You struggle in your relationships. You’re still dealing with your past or resenting your childhood. You’re self-critical and feel anxious or depressed.

My expertise is in helping you unravel these patterns so you can live in the peace and happiness that you just know to be true. In our work together, we respect the humanity of your stories, and we go beyond them to relax into the openness beyond all stories that is undisturbed by any problem or emotion.

You’ll learn to turn inward toward what you’re experiencing in the moment to be curious about exactly where your attention is going that’s causing this personal suffering. You’ll identify the hidden beliefs that keep you feeling separate and untangle painful emotions.

You’ll slow things down so you can take a breath and be fully present with whatever is appearing in the moment. Now, conscious of the pull of conditioned patterns, you’re available to respond to practical, everyday situations with intelligence, clarity, and kindness.

The structures of the personal self fall away, and what remains? The simple freshness of the moment that is open, peaceful, and infinitely loving.


Professional Titleclinical psychologist
ModalitiesBringing nondual understanding to personal struggles
Training / qualifications

licensed psychologist in California, 26 years of experience

License and State Psychologist in CA
Code of EthicsCalifornia Bard of Psychology
Areas of FocusSupport on the spiritual path, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, relationship struggles, couples and families, addictions, emotions, unhooking from habits that don't serve, chronic illness, terminal illness, aging/retirement/empty nest, grief, PTSD
Accepting New Clients Yes

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Client Endorsements and Testimonials

With Gail’s assistance and advice over the past 4 years I have healed from a near fatal illness and post-traumatic stress disorder. In addition, she helped me transition from a stressful career into a more meaningful lifestyle. I am grateful for Gail’s kind and thoughtful insight, supportive words, and patience when I was stuck or when my ego got in the way. She is an amazing teacher, writer, and observer of life. I highly recommend her blog, private sessions, and counseling. She has helped me change my life.” ~M.M.

“As a doctoral student of clinical psychology, and a client of many past therapists, I have had the most transformative psychological experiences by working with Dr. Brenner. The unconditional positive regard that I feel from her inspires me to accept and love myself the way I am, and make positive changes in my life. I value her wisdom, passion for this work, and her natural way of facilitating insight with me. What I find most refreshing about her as a therapist is that she is not attached to the stories and endless analyses that I can make to find reason for my behaviors. Instead, she constantly reminds of me of my “true self,” which lies behind all of the programming — a self that has the freedom to act according to personal values, and most of all, a self that is special and full of goodness. Since I have seen her, I have felt like a light is being brought out in me.” ~I.T.

“I’m so grateful to Gail for her gentle, powerful healing presence. Though I’ve been meditating for many years, I’ve had great difficulty releasing the darkest experiences of my childhood. Whenever these early memories got triggered, I felt as if I’d ‘lose my light’ and downspiral in despair. With Gail’s sensitive, loving guidance, I was able to be fully present and shine the light in these scary, dark corners. I’ve felt freer and more whole ever since. Thank you Gail!” ~H.N.

“Gail has helped me regain my authentic self. She has facilitated my journey to inner peace and joy, to realize that I really am enough, and that my happiness resides inside myself. On this journey, I have been able to release strong resentments and remain, happy, in a marriage that I thought might be too damaged to repair. I have found the strength and courage to be ME. I continue to grow in unexpected ways under her guidance.” ~L.C.

“While searching the internet for helpful information on managing anxiety, I came across Gail’s website. What a great find!  Her gentle yet effective suggestions impressed me immediately. I was happy to see that she was available for sessions via Skype and immediately went about scheduling, and thanks to Gail’s prompt response, set up a meeting very quickly. Our Skype session began right on time and was pleasant and comfortable…actually exceeding my expectations. I have never had an experience of one single session being so helpful! Gail has since responded to follow up emails with constructive suggestions. It is clear to me that Gail is sincerely dedicated to helping people to live their lives fully and happily. I feel so fortunate to have met her and to be learning from her.”  ~R.H.

“Gail is an amazing therapist who is both a guide and mentor. In our private sessions, she helped me to understand my strong emotions and learn that I can simply welcome my feelings and physical sensations while remaining aware of the present moment and all of my choices. She helped me to see that I don’t have to wait for someone to change or something to happen that fixes the past and ensures the future. When I resist happiness and fun because of my past conditioning, I’m the one who is blocking my path, and I can stop, breathe, and make a different choice. Gail showed me that my journey is like a treasure hunt where each piece reveals the next, and if I go inside myself to listen carefully, I can find all of the answers.” ~S.M.

Clients I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups
Types of SessionsFace-to-Face, Online Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Supervision I offer supervision
Wheel chair AccessN/A
Insurance AcceptedNo