As my client’s ally we collaborate in the exploration of life challenges with curiosity and compassion in the light of a recognition that our essential nature is unconditioned awareness. Unconditioned awareness is never limited by circumstances, relationships, thoughts, feelings states, etc. The realization of our essential nature encourages us to live from our deepest values and offer our unique voice as an authentic expression of being.

My work is based on thirty years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups. I’m inspired by the integration of nonduality and buddhist psychology into this work and have an extensive background in both. I also offer a type of dreamwork I created called Dream Discovery and cosmopsychology. Client’s common concerns include relationships, life balance and purpose, self-esteem, depression, gender issues, stress and life transitions, aging and illness, collective crises, spiritual inquiry and integration.


Professional TitlePh.D., MFT
Modalitiesnondual integration, buddhist psychology and mindfulness, integral psychology, relational-cultural, active imagination, dream discovery, cosmopsychology,
Training / qualifications

PhD East-West Psychology, MA Transpersonal Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco (1988-1995), BA Sociology and Film. Trained at the Integral Counseling Center, the San Francisco Jung Institute and benefitted from many other training opportunities and mentors. Buddhist practitioner since the 1980s and ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh.

License and State CA
Areas of FocusCommon concerns addressed include relationships, life balance and purpose, self esteem, depression, gender issues, stress and life transitions, aging and illness, collective crises, spiritual inquiry and integration.
Accepting New Clients Yes
Working Hours/Days

varied. I'm usually on Pacific time.


Free initial consultation. Rate info sent by email.

Accepted Payment MethodsPayPal, Venmo
About the Nondual Approach

The nondual perspective is centered on the recognition of our essential self as unconditioned awareness. Unconditioned awareness  is never limited by experiences including circumstances, relationships, thoughts, feelings states, etc. Conscious abidance in our essential nature dissipates any personal and collective conditioning that dims the light of awareness. Our realization frees us to live a more authentic life with greater freedom and peace of mind.

My Work is Influenced byRupert Spira, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh
Client Endorsements and Testimonials

“Thank you! Your skillful insight has always supported me in getting to the heart of the matter and your gentle humor and unfailing compassion, insight and presence encourages me to relate genuinely and be true to myself. My new-found peace of mind and confidence is priceless.”  Mark J.

"Thank you, Hollye for your unconditional positive regard, compassion and insight. Your guidance in living from my “true self” has been completely transformational. I've been in therapy many times and done other types of growth work but this work gave me so much freedom." J..J.

“Our work together really laid the groundwork for the rest of my adult life. You helped me get through some seriously challenging issues helping me figure out who I was, that I was okay and I could heal. ”    B. Smith

My work with Hollye was transformational. Her compassionate, creative and intelligent approach helped me to quiet my anxiety around life’s large and small challenges and more effectively communicate with my loved ones. I chose to work with her initially to delve into dream work for self-understanding. The experience was priceless.  T.M.

Clients I Work With Individuals, Couples, Groups
Types of SessionsFace-to-Face, Online Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Supervision I offer supervision
Wheel chair AccessYes
Insurance AcceptedNo
I haven't finished creating my listing and will complete it laterYes