The Kiloby Inquiries and Living Inquiries motto is Rest, Inquire, Enjoy Life.  This is the basis of our work with the Kiloby Inquiries.  In resting in/as the present moment, inquiring into our beliefs about ourselves and others, the stories fall away naturally, leaving us free to be ourselves, and live fully in the moment.  This is an embodiment practice. It’s a way of being fully here, without resistance to any aspect of life.  We can experience pain, both physical and emotional, without suffering. We can experience love and joy, without attachment. All it takes is a willingness to examine our thoughts and feelings, and see that they’re not what we thought they were, and ultimately that we are not what we thought we were.

Throughout my whole life, I can remember feeling like I didn’t belong, like I was somehow dropped on the wrong planet, because people and life didn’t make sense to me.  I wondered who I was and why I was here.  I searched for happiness in relationships, in work, and in alternative methods of physical and emotional healing, including learning and practicing several forms of energy healing. It still always felt like something was missing.  When I found non-dual teachings, they seemed to hold the key to what I was longing for.  I followed several teachers for a few years before coming across Scott Kiloby.  Something in me knew he would be my final teacher, at least concerning my search for enlightenment.

Today I am much happier in my body and being, even with a chronic health condition.  My victim stories around my health have fallen away as a direct result of this work, and my health has improved.  I love the work that I do, helping people see through their own deficiency stories and inner pain.  Sessions feel like a meeting in presence, and I am simply a guide to help one meet everything as it arises, with unconditional love and non-judgment.



Professional TitleKiloby Inquiries Trainer and Facilitator, Living Inquiries Facilitator
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The Living Inquiries, The Kiloby Inquiries, TRE Certified Provider, CADC-II CA

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Areas of Focusanxiety, depression, trauma, somatic, addiction, awakening, chronic pain/health issues, self-esteem issues, deficiency stories, negative beliefs, self inquiry
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About the Nondual Approach

My search for enlightenment ultimately was a search to escape my pain, both physical and emotional. I didn’t want to be myself – it was just too painful – everything about ‘me’ was wrong. The inquiries helped me to see through the muck of conditioning, and learn to accept and love myself and life, exactly the way it appears in each moment.  The search for enlightenment fell away when I used the Unfindable Inquiry to look for it. When it couldn’t be found as a tangible object, my story wasn’t over.  Years of conditioning, trauma and negative self-beliefs were still running, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.  They continue to unravel as I use the inquiries on myself daily and with other facilitators. Life is ever unfolding and deepening.

My Work is Influenced byScott Kiloby
Client Endorsements and Testimonials

“Julianne holds a wonderful space to inquire within.  She has the beautiful combination of being able to challenge me, while holding me in a totally safe space; both of which are necessary to support true growth.  She’s a really skilled facilitator, and at the same time as facilitating the session she is also  teaching to empower me to be able to do more inquiry on my own.  She’s right there with me throughout the entire session, in a beautiful space of presence that allows my process to unfold.  Julianne is also proving to be a wonderful role model for me in terms of how to be with my inner process, which is very much appreciated.  I’m really thankful for the opportunity to inquire with Julianne.” ~ Jo Hainsworth

“It’s so amazing how in such a small period of time so many beliefs that seemed unquestionably true turned upside down once I looked with honesty and the beautiful guidance of Julianne Eanniello. I feel so lucky to be experiencing this kind of freedom.” ~  Tony

“I had a session yesterday with Julianne. It was amazing how she was able to quickly focus on the most subtle patterns that arose and bring them to the light of inquiry. I really appreciated the level of intimacy, humor and love of truth she brings to the experience. It’s a wonderfully simple process yet it dives directly to the truth.”  ~ Michael

” Nice to know that there can be some relief from all the things that are happening in life. I was climbing up the walls before I did the inquiry with you. Unbelievable that there can be so much meaning given to things, in words, pictures, thoughts and the feelings, in only one person/body. Put it on a wall and look at it, leave it there and then experience the feeling, it is like coming home and there is nothing.  Nothing loves nothing.”  ~ Jeannette

“I’m happier, more peaceful and different then I was when I started. My experience is that after every session, there is freedom that wasn’t there before, an opening of some sort that allows for something else to show up...  The support that is offered by Julianne (and other facilitators) are not that of the EGO but something else. They don’t seem to want to be right, to know what should happen or even try to steer me in a direction that they think I should go. It is an allowing for everything to express itself as it becomes unstuck. “ ~ Luc

“The inquiry is an exploration in progress, not a rigid method. It gently steers you away from your mind and thoughts right into the sensations you have never wanted to consciously feel. Doing them with a facilitator is impressively effective. It is an opening up in togetherness, lovingly looking at what is arising in the moment, without predefined answers or judgments. Just full of surprises and rich in possibilities. Your stories, views and concepts, your happiness and sadness, your funny and not so funny habits, that richness is all allowed and explored in the moment. It is amazing to see labels, images and sensations disintegrate once you’ve seen where they are glued together. Being facilitated is a precious gift, for both the facilitator and the one who is being facilitated. It feels like coming home, to yourself and to the world. I loved it.”  ~ Annelies

“Scott and facilitators offer a simple and practical approach to experiencing the end of suffering. The invitation to rest in awareness with a few simple questions cuts to the core of our human pain and stories that keep us from realizing the Truth of who we really are. Through this simple process I was able to access and release feelings, thoughts and pictures that kept my suffering alive. When I left I was laughing and having such a great time being alive in this amazing dream we call Life. This form of self inquiry is powerful. Check it out for your Self!!”  ~ Hollie

Clients I Work With Individuals, Groups
Types of SessionsFace-to-Face, Online Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Supervision I offer supervision
Wheel chair AccessYes
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