I know how to help people heal trauma because of my own personal experience. I have largely healed from Developmental (childhood) Trauma and from PTSD that developed after I was physically assaulted in 2005. Through my own yoga and meditation practice and 20 years of teaching thousands of people meditation, I understand the mind and the nervous system.

“Trauma causes a disconnection from ourselves, our sense of value and the present moment.” Dr Gabor Maté

I help people feel safe enough to reconnect with themselves in love and compassion. We understand why we have the responses we do and become welcoming to our humanity.

Inquiry from awareness or presence is the key to healing. It is helpful to have an experienced guide or facilitator, especially at the beginning.

I offer many levels of support. Join me free live online every day at 8AM Eastern for a 1/2 hour guided practice. Join the weekly Sunday classes on topics ranging from Intergenerational Trauma to Deep Listening to Embodied Healing. You can meet with me privately or in the Womens Healing Trauma small group.

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Professional TitleMeditation Teacher, Living Inquiries Facilitator
Modalitiesnondual inquiry, meditation, awareness, presence, healing trauma
Training / qualifications

20 years Senior Teacher Himalayan Tradition Yoga Meditation, Experienced Facilitator Scott Kiloby's Living Inquiries

License and State Nova Scotia Canada
Code of EthicsLiving Inquiries
Areas of Focustrauma, anxiety, healing, catastrophic thinking, awakening, compassion
Accepting New Clients Yes
Working Hours/Days

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Accepted Payment MethodsPaypal
About the Nondual Approach

I know presence, awareness, Being, basic goodness from personal experience. My approach is grounded in daily life in this human form. We are affected by everything that happens during our life, including core deficiency beliefs and nervous system/ primitive brain responses. We develop a sense of separation and disconnection that can be healed through safely being present with and welcoming everything arising in us. I know from experience there is nothing to fear.

My Work is Influenced byScott Kiloby. Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation. Swami Veda Bharati
Client Endorsements and Testimonials

Scott Kiloby recommendation

Client Experience Healing Trauma

Testimonial Brooklyn

Lynn is the real deal.” ~ Dr. Rick Hanson

“I’ve sent the person I love the most – my partner – to Lynn for sessions. I leave you in Lynn’s more than capable hands.” ~ Scott Kiloby

“Hers was the most skilled, compassionate interview presence I’ve ever experienced.” ~ Dr. Bob Weathers

Clients I Work With Individuals, Couples
Types of SessionsOnline Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Wheel chair AccessN/A
Insurance AcceptedNo