As a Mindfulness Facilitator and Practitioner of The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)  I’m able to offer mindfulness based, neuroscientifically-informed sessions that support you in resolving the issues you face on your journey of healing and growth.

NARM is a clinical model specifically designed for addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma, otherwise referred to as “Complex Trauma” (Complex-PTSD or C-PTSD). The application and benefits are far reaching, and in no way limited to those diagnosed with Complex Trauma. NARM sessions make the unconscious, conscious, deepening self-awareness and increasing capacity for agency, connection and aliveness. I believe this to be at the heart of all mental, emotional, even spiritual healing and growth.

“It is the experience of being in connection that fulfils the longing we have to feel fully alive. An impaired capacity for connection to self and others, and the ensuing diminished aliveness, are the hidden dimensions that underlie most psychological and many physiological problems. Unfortunately, we are often unaware of the internal roadblocks that keep us from experiencing the connection and aliveness we yearn for. These roadblocks develop in reaction to developmental and shock trauma and the related nervous system dysregulation, disruptions in attachment, and distortions of identity. The goal of the NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is to work with these dysregulations, disruptions, and distortions while never losing sight of supporting the development of a healthy capacity for connection and aliveness.” – Dr Laurence Heller. To learn more about NARM click Here.


Professional TitleNARM Practitioner
ModalitiesNeuroAffective Relational Model, The Kiloby Inquiries, Psychological Illusion Model
Training / qualifications

NeuroAffective Relational Model Practitioner, Kiloby Inquires Facilitator, Psychological Illusion Model

Areas of FocusAnxiety, Depression, Addiction, Pain, Fatigue, Shame & Chronic, Self Judgment, Self Pressure, Self Sabotage, Poor Boundaries, Relationship difficulties.
Accepting New Clients Yes


About the Nondual Approach

The Non dual State could be described as Open, Connected and Expansive. I view this as our inherent state of being. When we experience environmental failures and/or life-threatening events throughout our life, we actively disconnect and contract in order to protect ourselves from the mental, emotional and physical pain. It’s when these strategies of disconection are still playing out in the present moment after they have outlived their necessity, that they can lead to a vast array of undesirable symptoms and increasing disconnection to oneself and others. I support people in exploring and understanding how and why they are actively disconnecting from their inherent state being.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - C.G. Jung

My Work is Influenced byNARM, Francis Lucille, Jørgen Rasmussen,
Client Endorsements and Testimonials

I have had several sessions now with Rob working on various topics to do with both my emotional and physical well being. Each session has brought new information to light and shed some clarity on what I am focusing on.

Rob holds the healing space with a gentle energy that is both comforting and grounding. His compassionate nature comes through with his confident guidance as he steers your session in the direction that is needed.

Rob’s calm presence envelops you as you journey within. I always feel safe, supported, and understood. It can be difficult to open up with someone to help you work through sensitive or painful topics. With Rob you will quickly develop a deep sense of trust that will ease your mind and help you to relax into the session.

Rob is a lovely soul who is genuine and a delight to work with. I highly recommend taking some time to work with him. Your heart and soul will feel lighter for it.

Helena C. B.C. Canada


Rob has a calm, gentle and engaged manner that instantly puts one at ease. Resolving trauma under Rob’s skilled guidance has given me a greater understanding of myself, my behaviours and how I have been shaped into the person I am today and enabled me to release any unhelpful ‘programming’.

It is hard to explain exactly what Rob does as he simply talks to you, but his sessions have left me feeling happier and with the tools to be able to recognise and detach from unhelpful behaviours and emotional responses.

As a body work therapist, with an understanding of the mind body connection, I have recommended Rob to some of my own clients in order to try to get to the root of their physical pain and this has resulted in some very positive feedback from them.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Rob and feel his work to be invaluable for both physical and mental healing.

Jane E. UK


Rob brings a sense of kindness and curiosity to our sessions that helped me reconnect to my own capacity for self-acceptance, understanding and compassion. With Robs guidance, I found myself willing and able to dive into the depths of my heart and embrace all parts of myself with tenderness and warmth.

After years of confusion and seeking for answers outside, working with Rob has allowed me to trust in my own inherent wisdom and reawakened my gratitude and energy for life!

Jeff A. Paris, France

Clients I Work With Individuals
Types of SessionsOnline Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom)
Wheel chair AccessN/A
Insurance AcceptedNo