existential exploration, life purpose, life meaning, self-esteem, social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, body image, spirituality, creativity blocks, multiculturalism, trauma

Embodiment, Meditation, Somatics, Emotions, Yoga, Nondual, Psychotherapy

somatic work, dream work, meditation. Dark Night of the Soul,

Anxiety, Depression, Coaching, Stuckness, Spiritual Development, Trauma & PTSD, Addiction, Stress, Change

Nondual awakening, psychedelic integration, Dark Night of the Soul, microdosing, spiritual bypassing, shadow work, depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, grief, relationship distress, existential issues, nihilism, end of life, eco-anxiety, and social collapse anxiety


Professional TitleGestalt Psychotherapist, Artist and Lecturer in Arts and Design
ModalitiesNon Dual Somatic Holistic Gestalt Psychotherapist
Training / qualifications

Gestalt Psychotherapy College Norway, Norwegian College of Arts and Design (master), Ruella Frank, Tension Release Exercises, 300 RYT Samyama Mindfulness and Hatha Yoga,

License and State Viken
Code of EthicsMNGF Gestalt,
Areas of FocusI work with all kinds of psychological difficulties and situations that call for deeper self-awareness.
Accepting New Clients Yes

Sliding Scale

My Work is Influenced byMartin Buber,
Clients I Work With Individuals, Couples, Children and young people, Families, Groups
Types of SessionsFace-to-Face, Telephone, Online Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Wheel chair AccessN/A

Norwegian, English

I haven't finished creating my listing and will complete it laterYes