Zoe Burgess originally trained as a Learning Disability Nurse working with adults and children with mental health issues and Learning Disabilities before working in mainstream schools as a family Counsellor and behavioural specialist. She trained as a Montessori Teacher, running an alternative education project for children and also ran a Pre-school. She gained her Diploma in SEN and She moved to Portugal in 2016 and established an Alternative Educational Cooperative before founding the first Alternative Self-Directed International School there in 2016. Zoe gained her Diploma in Addiction Counselling and Diploma in Psychotherapy in 2018 and gained her Cognitive Behaviour Practitioner Certificate in 2019. In 2021 She In 2020 Zoe Founded Meon River an alternative education project in the UK for home educating families. She now lives in Portugal alongside the growing community. She also consults all over Europe and supports educational settings, families, and individuals to go deeper with their inner and outer work.


Professional TitleFamily Therapist and Non Dual Therapist
ModalitiesNon Dual, Family Dynamic, Children's Behavioural, Interpersonal, Personal
Training / qualifications

Diploma in Addiction Counselling, Diploma in Professional Psychotherapy, Special Education Need (SEN) level 7 Diploma, Speech therapy and SEN Teaching certificate, NAMC Diploma in Montessori Teaching (Elementary)
, Southampton University Diploma in Learning Disability Nursing

License and State Hampshire
Areas of FocusNon Dual, Spiritual inquiry, anxiety, nondual, Mindfulness, Non dual inquiry, Non dual enquiry, Family dynamic, Self Enquiry, Insight, Addiction
Accepting New Clients Yes
Working Hours/Days

11am - 9pm UK time


60 pound per hour

Accepted Payment MethodsStripe, bank transfer
About the Nondual Approach

After a profound Spiritual awakening in 2008 I began to work with individuals and families from a non dual perspective. After another deepening of this realisation in 2000 I began to develop materials to support this work and allow children and adults to become aware of the functions of thought and to be able to step out of these structures. The realisation of the non dual dimension can not  help but affect every aspect of your being. This naturally began to alter my life in every way. It is not a practice but a way of life and a entirely new perspective. Supporting others to explore personal problems from this perspective can be profoundly powerful.

My Work is Influenced byAdyashati, Craig Holliday, krishnamurti, eckhart tolle, Sri Nisargadatta, Jeff Foster
Client Endorsements and Testimonials

'Zoe’s style of counselling is like no other I’ve experienced. She is engaged, supportive and practical. She doesn’t just draw out issues, she empowers you to control your own thoughts, create plans and move forward, past things that had previously seemed immovable' David

'One of the first talents I spotted in Zoe, was her natural ability to be accurately intuitive with each child, and more so, communicate what she perceived to another child where a misunderstanding had occurred, so that both children would then understand each other and naturally resolve their problems. This also enabled Zoe to see very clearly where each child (and parent) is at, emotionally and intellectually, what support is then needed and when and how to give it.

She always manages to keep her energy bigger then any group, always encompassing fun and fairness. I saw all children feel at ease to approach Zoe and share any problems they might have, and her endless amount of patience and care with the children was always visible. I also saw how devotedly she worked at her roles, and any and every decision she made was very grounded, experienced and thoroughly thought through.' Laura

'As a group of home educating families we had the idea of setting up an education project in Central Portugal. Zoe came and joined us for a day in the summer of 2018 and her description of the Agile Learning Approach and the project she herself had set up inspired us to move forward with setting up our own project.

In September that year Zoe and her family then came and spent a week with us, giving an us invaluable, practical and experiential introduction to the Agile Learning Approach. We knew that as much as possible we wanted children to be able to follow their own natural desire to learn, so the agile learning approach suited us well.

What Zoe was able to offer us was some extremely useful guidance on how to structure our days, information about useful learning resources, how to use morning and afternoon meetings and how to fully involve the children in what happens at Folha Verde. She and her children also showed us some great examples of activities and offerings, many of which we are still using today.

Zoe is generous with her time and truly passionate about the Agile Learning Approach. We feel the week we spent with her gave us a really good foundation for starting our project and we'd really like to have her and her family back in the future as it was so valuable for us first time round.' Folha verde team.

'Zoe Burgess was a Key-Note Speaker at the 7-day-long international conference I was co–organizing. She arrived a few days earlier, finding us, the organizational team in the pick of the fever of preparations, anxiety and sleeplessness. Zoe immediately offered to support us (although this wasn’t her role there), both by accomplishing some delicate tasks (like communicating the goals of the conference to the local villagers) and by organizing and helping us manage and delegate the mountain of work that needed be done.

Zoe appeared, observed how the team worked and noticed that we were lacking a leader at that moment. Then she became that for us with a lot of respect and care to each one’s feelings, but never missing the goal form her eyes of making this event succeed. She brainstormed with us, drew from her long experience in event organizing, suggested valid solutions one after the other at times we could no longer think straight from exhaustion, did amazing conflict resolution work for the most complicated matters and kept reminding us why we are doing this hard work. She did all this without ever receiving a single penny from us.

Organizing this conference was the hardest thing that I ever participated in and it is no exaggeration to say that Zoe came out of nowhere, saved it and left again to continue her tremendous work in the Organization and the Community for Democratic Schools. She is an exceptionally capable and motivated person, who makes impossible things happen.' Violeta.

"Zoe really quickly picked up on our son's problems with regulating his emotions. She easily identified what was likely to make him lose control and the reasons why these outbursts may be happening. From this we felt our son could go forward with some totally non judgmental sessions with Zoe. These regular meetings were eye opening for us all and the guidance and attentiveness we've received has been beneficial for our whole family." Holly.

Clients I Work With Individuals, Couples, Children and young people, Families, Groups
Types of SessionsFace-to-Face, Telephone, Online Video (I.e. Skype, Zoom), Long-term , Short-term
Supervision I offer supervision
Wheel chair AccessN/A
Insurance AcceptedNo